The VTMH (formerly VTPU) was established in 1989 within the Office of Psychiatric Services, State Government of Victoria. It is a statewide service which evolved from a small clinical service to a service which supports area mental health services and psychiatric disability support services in working with consumers, carers and communities from diverse cultural backgrounds throughout Victoria. In 1996 it was awarded Commonwealth funding to establish the Australian Transcultural Mental Health Network. Currently the VTMH is funded by the Mental Health Branch of the Victorian Department of Human Services and is administered by St Vincent's Hospital.


The mission of Victorian Transcultural Mental Health (VTMH) is to strengthen the capacity of Victoria's mental health system to provide effective, equitable and culturally appropriate services to Victoria’s culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) population.

  1. Policies relating to culturally appropriate mental health service provision and related interventions are implemented throughout Victoria.
  2. Management and clinical systems in mental health service agencies promote and enable the delivery of culturally appropriate and effective services to people from diverse cultural backgrounds.
  3. The mental health workforce is culturally competent.
  4. The perspectives of consumers and carers from culturally diverse backgrounds inform the continuing improvement of the mental health system.
  5. There is an increased level of engagement of culturally diverse communities in relation to mental health issues and community needs.
  6. Policies and practices are based on evidence derived from high quality transcultural mental health research.

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