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Staff Profile List

Adriana Mendoza


Adriana Mendoza has a Bachelor of Psychology and a Master of Counselling and Psychotherapy which provide her with an eclectic and holistic counselling approach.

Dr. Can Tuncer

Senior Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr. Can Tuncer is a consultant psychiatrist in private practice, and has been working with the Victorian Transcultural Mental Health (VTMH) since 1990. He is a Fellow of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (RANZCP). Following two years of advanced training, he was awarded a Certificate of Advanced Training in The Psychotherapies of the RANZCP.

Dr. Justin Kuay

Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Justin Kuay is a consultant psychiatrist at Victorian Transcultural Mental Health (VTMH) and also works in the mental health clinic at the Victorian Foundation for Survivors of Torture and Trauma.

Dr. Nadya Kouzma

Education and Service Development Consultant

Nadya is a registered Psychologist with a background in education program development and implementation; clinical service development and evaluation; and research.

Dr. Radhika Santhanam-Martin

Education and Service Development Consultant

Dr Radhika Santhanam-Martin is a Clinical Psychologist who works in the field of trauma. She has completed postdoctoral fellowship in transcultural mental health; a PhD in developmental neuropsychology; an MPhil in medical and social psychology; Masters in clinical psychology and Bachelors in Philosophy.

Kimberley Wriedt

Education and Service Development Consultant

Kimberley has completed a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Hons) and commenced with VTMH in 2011.

Naomi Chapman

Consumer Consultant

Naomi was a consumer representative for nearly 12 months at North West Area Mental Health, also known as Waratah Clinic.

Shehani DeSilva

Education and Service Development Consultant

Shehani has worked in the Transcultural Mental Health field for over 10 years in Australia. Before arriving in Australia, she worked for a number of years in the refugee and migrant mental health sector and with Schizophrenia Fellowship Wellington Branch in New Zealand

Silvana Izzo

Education and Service Development Consultant

Silvana is a health and wellbeing practitioner and a body oriented psychotherapist, educated in Occupational Therapy, Family and Systems Therapy and Somatic Experiencing; a body oriented psychotherapy approach.

Sue McDonough

Education and Service Development Consultant

Sue McDonough is an Occupational Therapist and has worked at VTMH since 2010 across all program areas with a focus on organisational partnerships, workforce support, project management and evaluation.

Sylvia Basile

Program Support and Administration

Sylvia has worked in marketing and event administration roles for more than 10 years across a range of fields including the legal sector and education.