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Values and Aims

VTMH is committed to working in partnership with specialist mental health services and community organisations to promote:

  • Human rights by actively respecting and protecting these rights and fostering an inclusive human rights culture in Victoria.
  • Equity by working with partners to develop strategies that facilitate equitable access to opportunities and community resources by all Victorians. 
  • Inclusiveness by supporting diversity and the right of all Victorians to participate in community life.
  • Diversity by promoting the means to develop understanding of, and respect for cultural beliefs, commitments and practices
  • Acceptance by promoting engagement across cultures and encounters with different values and beliefs.
  • Flexibility by encouraging effective and innovative responses to diverse needs

VTMH aims to:

  • Assist in the development and implementation of policies related to improving culturally responsive  mental health service systems
  • Promote and enable the delivery of culturally responsive services
  • Assist in developing a culturally responsive mental health workforce
  • Facilitate the participation of consumes and carers from culturally diverse backgrounds
  • Engage culturally diverse communities in improving mental health service delivery
  • Provide evidence for mental health policies and practice through high quality mental health research and evaluation.