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VTMH supports the promotion and leadership of culturally responsive practice across Victoria through collaboration with Cultural Portfolio Holder positions, and through a state-wide Cultural Portfolio Holder Network.

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 CPH Network brochure here


What is a Cultural Portfolio Holder?

Cultural Portfolio Holders (CPHs) are people who play a key role in generating service improvement activities to improve culturally responsive practice in mental health services. Mental health services engage with CPHs in a variety of ways including:

  • Writing policies and implementing service system changes;
  • Participating in working groups to address cultural diversity planning and policy development;
  • Linking practitioners/communities to resources, and raising awareness of issues in relation to cultural diversity;
  • Promoting the effective use of language services and resources. 

If the CPH role sounds of interest to you, speak with your organisation and find out if there is an existing cultural diversity network or committee within your service.


Getting Started as a CPH

If you have been appointed as a CPH in your service, there a numerous ways that you can get started.

  • Find some allies within the organisation – who else is passionate about this issue? Develop links with other CPHs in your local area
  • Form a cultural diversity working group with links to decision-making structures within the organisation. Try to get representation from a wide range of disciplines and teams. Ensure consumer and carer participation. 
  • Develop an agreed description of the role which is most relevant to your organisation and its work.
  • Find out about cross-sector multicultural networks in the local area. People with mental health issues may be seeking support from migrant services, the local councils or religious leaders. 
  • Help devise an organisational cultural diversity plan. Create and work towards some goals.
  • Join the CPH Network, facilitated by VTMH. 


The State-wide Cultural Portfolio Holder Network

VTMH facilitates a state-wide network, which provides opportunities and a space for CPHs to receive mutual support, network and engage in conversations around leading cultural diversity initiatives within mental health services. Opportunities include:

  • Attending quarterly meetings that bring together CPHs from across the state
  • Engaging in debate and discussions relating to cultural diversity in the mental health sector;
  • Sharing of relevant resources and information; 
  • Access to a state-wide online social network site with online learning and sharing facilities;
  • Education and training sessions;
  • Providing feedback and comment on current policy and legislation


Registering with the CPH Network

If you would like to become a member of the state-wide CPH Network, click on the registration button below.

Your registration in the Network indicates that you agree to:

  • Engage in some CPH Network events throughout the year, including face to face and online events; 
  • Share your contact details with others in the network;
  • Participate on the social networking site (Online Portal)

For more information, questions or queries, please contact us at