The VTMH CPH Program


Do you work for a Victorian mental health service or an organisation that provides services for clients with mental health issues?

Do you have a special interest in cultural diversity?

Are you interested in registering with the VTMH as a CPH?


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The VTMH coordinates a state-wide network of CPHs and manages a program to support their work within their organisation. 

The overall responsibility of CPHs is to assist their organisation to promote culturally sensitive practice and to facilitate access by members of CaLD communities.

CPHs find creative and innovative ways to address the needs of our diverse and ever changing multicultural society and to develop more responsive and flexible mental health service provision.

Some of the tasks that CPHs engage in include: gathering information and knowledge about the mental health needs of local CaLD communities; assisting staff within their organisation to develop knowledge and skills in cultural diversity; promoting the effective use of language services and translated materials; and developing linkages and partnerships with a range of other organisations.

The VTMH supports CPHs in several ways including: providing opportunities to share relevant resources and information; providing updates on various learning opportunities and upcoming events; managing a state-wide online social network site which includes blogs and forums; facilitating and delivering education and training sessions; and assisting with the implementation of service and community development initiatives/ projects within organisations.


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