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What is a Cultural Portfolio Holder (CPH)?

The cultural portfolio holder role was first introduced in the Cultural Diversity Plan for Victoria’s Specialist Mental Health Services 2006-2010, as a requirement for mental health services.

A cultural portfolio holder undertakes a range of diversity related work within their mental health agency, for example:

• Raising awareness of cultural diversity by coordinating professional development, training and other events
• Participating in working groups to address cultural diversity planning and policy development
• Promoting the effective use of language services and translated materials
• Reviewing internal policy and practice guidelines, and implementing service reforms
• Developing practitioner resources

• Enhancing links between services and local community agencies and groups

Find out how VTMH supports cultural portfolio holders here.

Victorian Government Department of Human Services. (2006). Cultural diversity plan for Victoria's specialist mental health services 2006-2010. Melbourne: Metropolitan Health and Aged Care Services Division, Department of Human Services, Victorian Government.           

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