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Free online learning resources

VTMH has three free online learning resources for the mental health workforce.The resources offer complete flexibility in learning; they can be completed in one session or over the course of a few days/weeks. Individual topics can be explored and returned to when needed. Each resource offers further reading and links to relevant materials.The resources are best viewed in the most current version of Internet Explorer (please note that some videos may not load correctly in Google Chrome). 

We hope you enjoy these resources and welcome your feedback via our enquiries form.    

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Orientation to cultural responsiveness

(Available since 2015)
A handy resource when implementing diversity plans, it also includes information about VTMH and other services. Mental health service providers and a range of diversity organisations were consulted in design development.
*Please note: Some VTMH workshops ask that you please review this resource prior to attending.

Cultural diversity & assessment 
 (NEW! Launched July 2018)
Designed to assist mental health practitioners to focus on cultural aspects of mental health and well-being in assessment.
Divided into four sections, 'Culture', 'Interview', 'Key concepts' and 'Expanding practice', it introduces concepts and tools that can help clarify the role culture plays in mental health settings; offers questions adapted from the Cultural Formulation Interview (CFI); and encourages practitioners to reflect on cultural aspects of mental health; and provides links to more information.

  Working with interpreters
(Launched in 2017)
Designed to promote, support and enhance mental health practitioners' work with interpreters, across a range of mental health settings.
Divided into three sections, ‘Orientate’, ‘Practice’ and ‘Steps’, this resource gives an overview of roles, policy and accreditation standards; practice implications for the client, family, practitioner, and interpreter; and a step-by-step guide to the process from booking an interpreter to debriefing after the session.
VTMH reviewed and revised Working Effectively with Interpreters in Mental Health Settings, developed in 2006, to create this new resource.