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Exploring Cultural Responsiveness: New online orientation resource

VTMH Admin - Tuesday, March 17, 2015

VTMH is pleased to be able to offer a new online introductory tool "Conversations in Cultural Responsiveness" to Victorian mental health services.

In 2013 VTMH engaged the services of Rajiv Ramanathan from Practical Visionaries and commenced consultations with a number of mental health service providers to guide the content and presentation of a cultural diversity resource for mental health service providers.

This resource has multiple purposes according to the needs of your service environments: to provide orientation training in cultural diversity for new staff, to provide mandatory training as required, to inform leaders and practitioners of key issues in culturally diverse mental health practice, to guide relevant service changes, to inform you about VTMH services, and provide links to a number of information sources.

We trust you will find this this resource valuable, and extend a sincere thanks to all those services and partners who gave their time to make this product possible. We look forward to further engagement with you and your service in the future.

Start Exploring this resource by clicking below. This resource will open in a new window, and is best viewed in Internet Explorer 11, or Google Chrome


Daryl Ohem,

VTMH Manager