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Announcing new training series

- Wednesday, June 10, 2015

VTMH is pleased to announce that in response to requests from a number of services, we are presenting a series of applied knowledge and skills workshops.

These full day and half day interactive workshops are designed to support practitioners looking to expand and implement diversity responsive mental health practice in their workplace. Watch this space for upcoming dates, and register with our mailing list to stay informed as further details are announced.

Workshops in this series will include:

Community Development in Mental Health Practice (full day)

This workshop is designed to introduce participants to community development principles and practices in mental health service delivery and recovery care. Participants explore the role of community development in advancing the rights of mental health consumers and carers, addressing socio-economic disadvantage and inequality, developing population health responses to mental health service delivery and engaging diverse communities. Participants are also encouraged to reflect on ethical practice and challenges in community development work.

Innovation in Service Development: Diversity Responsive Mental Health Initiatives (half day)

This workshop is designed to explore contemporary issues in Victoria’s mental health service system. With a focus on the implementation of legal and policy aspects of mental health reform, participants explore innovative and flexible practices that lead to more inclusive services for culturally diverse consumers and carers. A range of planning methods designed to facilitate innovative service design are used to provide participants with practical tools to use in the workplace. VTMH worked with Proteus Leadership to bring together a range of management tools applicable to the mental health reform task


Cultural Formulation from a Clinician's Viewpoint (half day)

This workshop is designed for clinicians responsible for conducting mental health assessments. Participants are introduced to knowledge and skills related to culture and diagnosis, bio-psycho-social models of health, and engagement with consumers and their families. Participants develop skills to understand and explore cultural expressions of distress, develop knowledge and skills in applying a cultural formulation in mental health assessment, and reflect on the historical context of how cultural formulation was developed in the ICD/DSM.

Supervision in Culturally Responsive Mental Health Practice (half day)

This workshop is designed to provide participants with knowledge and skills to reflect on approaches to culturally responsive supervision practices in mental health settings.

Engaging with Language, Culture and Interpreters (half day)

This workshop is designed for all practitioners engaging with interpreters in transcultural situations. Participants explore issues of power and language; practitioner, consumer, family and carer relationships in the interpreting encounters; risks and challenges in the interpreting environment; cultural safety and humility; ethical responsibilities and the use of language across cultures.

The above workshops will build upon information presented in the VTMH workshop, 'Introduction to Cultural Responsiveness for Mental Health Services'. For more information about the ‘Introduction to Cultural Responsiveness in Mental Health Services’ workshop click here