PROGRAMS | Community Partnerships

The VTPU works in partnership with ADEC and Foundation House to improve awareness about mental health services among ethnic communties.

Help tips for families and carers

Help tips are now available for families and carers in seven languages. These help tips aim to provide useful information on the symptoms and impact of mental illness and to support the carer role.
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Activities include:
  • Forming partnerships with consumers, carers, community organisations, ethno-specific agencies, primary care providers and mental health services
  • Consulting with ethnic communities aimed at identifying priority needs in mental health and developing culturally appropriate strategies to meet these needs
  • Organising community education initiatives to increase knowledge of mental health services and to decrease stigma within ethnic communities
  • Facilitating referrals to mental health services or appropriate community or ethno-specific support services
Refugee Mental Health Program

The VTPU and the Victorian Foundation for the Survivors of Torture (VFST) have worked collaboratively to develop a network of mental health professionals to support the needs of refugees and asylum seekers. In 2003, funding was received from the Department of Human Services to pilot the establishment of a Refugee Mental Health Clinic which is currently delivering psychiatric services to refugees. It operates from the VFST in Parkville.