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Spectrum of Cultures Mental Health Consumer Group

Since 2005, a Mental Health Multicultural Consumer Group, Spectrum of Cultures, was set up by the Consumer Advocate in order to improve mental health services by voicing concerns and providing positive feedback at the local and statewide levels to stakeholders in the mental health system.

The group creates a trusting and safe environment where CALD consumers can have a say and be heard and respected through structured group meetings. The group offers essential support by providing activities offering socialisation and friendships between CALD consumers.   The group gears itself towards encouraging good mental health and independence. The group also challenges barriers to health such as stigma and difference.

Promoting participation in the community is encouraged through presentations by guest speakers from a variety of organizations.  Exposure to information enables consumers to learn what is available in the community, linking in if they are interested. Group activities aim at promoting CALD consumers well being and recovery. This network building activities generate integration of consumers with the wider community.

Consumers come together in this group because they share similar experiences, they want to get better and they have simlar interests. By coming to the group, they know each others' cultural background and they respect their differences. This impacts positively on their well being.


Upcoming meeting dates:


28th February 2014    

10am to 2:30pm                    

Planning Day for the V CALD CRG Group.


18th March 2014        

11:30am to 1:30pm   

Spectrum of Cultures Mental Health Consumer Group.       

Please confirm your attendance by contacting: Evan Bichara on 0411 054 882 or 9288 3335.