PROGRAMS | Education and Professional Development Program


To provide clinicians and workers in mental health services with knowledge and skills to improve the quality of transcultural interaction between mental health workers and clients from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds

  • To assist mental health services and PDRSS's to explore ways to improve access and equity in mental health service provisions for people culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds
  • To advance the development of quality transcultural mental health education for clinicians and other workers engaged with the health and welfare of CALD clients.
  • To develop online training programs to complement VTPU education initiatives 


Current Education Services

VTMH Seminars and Case Presentations

VTPU Training Information

State Wide Cultural Responsiveness One Day Training-Introduction to Cultural Responsiveness One Day Training

CHC70208 Vocational Graduate Certificate in Community Services Practice (Client assessment and case management): Culturally Responsive Practice, delivered in partnership between VTMH and RMIT





  • To develop and deliver appropriate educational and professional development programs reflective of the needs of mental health clinicians and the CALD communities they serve
  • To collaborate with other health care providers to produce educational and professional development programs to extend transcultural mental health knowledge and skills to a wider audience
  • To collaborate with Area Mental Health Services managers in planning transcultural mental health education and professional development for their respective staff