PROGRAMS | Service Development - Northern Region CALD Service Improvement

The VTPU has worked with the Northern Area Mental Health Service to assist with the development of a CALD Service Improvement strategy involving the establishment of a systemic framework to work on issues of culture and diversity.

The strategy has established ongoing structures to obtain ethnic community, consumer and carer input, mobilise the management and staff of all the teams in the service to work on CALD issues, undertake continuous planning and development around these issues and generally deal with issues identified as being of a priority for consumers and carers from CALD backgrounds as well as for staff of the service. These processes are linked to the key management structure of the Area Mental Health Service so that there is awareness of the direction and achievements of these groups. It also provides moral and financial support for the CALD groups.

This initiative has led to positive outcomes in relation to the meeting of state and federal policy and quality guidelines. For more information about this initiative, please contact the Service Development team at the VTPU.