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Community Profiles

Community profiles for immigrant and refugee communities in Australia: a compilation of website links.
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Directory of Bilingual Mental Health Professionals

Search for a bilingual mental health professional within Victoria. You can search by language, profession or area, etc. The bilingual practitioners listed in the directory represent over 140 language groups and are committed to providing services within their sphere of expertise to people from non-English speaking backgrounds. These practitioners may also be able to assist colleagues with cultural information relevant to the clinical situation.
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Mental health instruments in non-English languages

In Australia and in many multi-lingual communities there is increasing interest in conducting mental health research and clinical assessment across the “language barrier”. The aim of these resources is to improve access to multi lingual psychological/psychiatric assessment tools and instruments to facilitate clinical service provision and research.
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The VTPU assists the Mental Health Branch of the Department of Human Services develop policies in relation to the responsibilities of mental health services to people from diverse cultural backgrounds. This work is informed by the epidemiological and service utilisation studies undertaken by the Research program and the responses of ethnic communities to the work of mental health services obtained through the Service Development program. The VTPU is able to provide a well grounded perspective on issues relevant to policy development.
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The Victorian Transcultural Psychiatry Unit is very active in producing publications relevant to culture, migration, mental health and mental health services. Published works appear in peer-reviewed research papers, as technical reports, bibliographies, books, etc. most of which will be accessible online.
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Translated Mental Health Information

A wide range of translated mental health information is available on various Australian websites. To aid mental health service providers in locating this material to provide to CALD consumers and carers, the VTPU has compiled a directory of links, organized alphabetically by mental health topic. The list of topics is accompanied by a listing of the languages available on each website. Click here to access the directory.

Useful resources when working with African youth and their families

A resource developed for the workshop, Working Towards Well-Being with African Youth and their Families. Download file.


Working Effectively with Interpreters Kit

Training Resources for Working Effectively with Interpreters

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  poster A2 Poster: Quick guide to working with interpreters in mental health settings
guidelines Guidelines for working effectively with interpreters in a mental health setting   report Report: Improving the quality of mental health interpreting in Victoria
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