RESOURCES | Directory of Bilingual Mental Health Professionals
VTMH Bilingual Directory


The VTMH Directory of Bilingual Professionals was developed by the VTMH to facilitate linkage between patients and clinicians who share the same language and/or culture. This directory is currently under review. 


The following Australian service's websites and databases provide the most up to date and comprehensive search for bilingual clinicians.


Professional Bodies

Many professional bodies incorporate search by language options on their databases.

The following Australian service's databases provide a 'search by language' option.



- The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (click on 'advance search' option)


- The Australian Psychological Society (click on 'preferred language' option)


- AMA Victoria (GP search)




- The Pharmacy Guild of Australia (click on 'language spoken' option)



- Human Services Directory (Search for a bilingual clinician via the practitioner search option)