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Rethink Organisations

Plan for diversity responsive mental health services

VTMH welcomes and encourages mental health services to engage in consultive, mentoring relationships with VTMH to explore organisational factors to support diversity responsiveness. These factors can include:

Service access: Addressing human rights in relation to national, state and professional policy frameworks designed to inform equality of opportunity, access and equity in delivery of government services, and freedom from discrimination.

Organisational innovation and flexibility: Reviewing cultural competence, cultural responsivenss, cultural safety and cultural humility in social, institutional and personal domains.

Workforce practicies and responsibilities: Recognising personal and systemic responsibilites across an organisation, and promotong active involvement of local community in mental health service planning and delivery

Population Health Approaches: Viewing service delivery in relation to the social demographic, reflect population health needs.

Community Engagement: Addressing community engagement and development in the context of organisational responsibility and population health needs.

VTMH provides organisational developement consultation for mental health services. This support can take a variety of forms, depending on service needs, including:

  • Tools and resources that support services to undertake self-reflection of current diversity responsiveness activities
  • Exploring methods of service plannning and delivery that can enhance responses to community diversity 
  • Reviewing internal policies and procedures that support diversity responsiveness
  • Supporting Cultural Portfolio Holder projects
  • Providing workforce training, with a focus on continuous learning initiatives
  • Via the External Enquiry Service: Requests and Clinician Support 
  • Undertaking collaborative research and evaluation projects
  • Supporting community development activities and initiatives.

For more information, or steps towards building a relationship, contact VTMH via External Enquiries on 9321 3300, or submit a request form