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Education programs for current Partnership services ('Partners in Diversity Program') and post-Partnership services

In addition to our general state-wide programs, including the Monthly Seminar Series, Forums, online learning resources, and workshops available via our collaboration with the Victorian Mental Health Learning and Development Clusters, services in a current Partnership with VTMH (the 'Partners in Diversity Program') are supported to explore ways to engage their workforce in relevant VTMH workshops and continuous learning programs. Services who have previously Partnered with VTMH are also able to access a number of post-Partnership educational programs.

Workforce education and practice support for current Partner services include: our range of workshops offered in-service; the continuous learning programs Reflective Conversations (previously known as 'Cultural Conversations') and the Transcultural Clinical Discussion Service (previously known as the Secondary Consultation Service).

Following a partnership with VTMH, post-Partnership services may continue to access our general state-wide programs, the above two continuous learning supports on request, and can also access current workshops via the Workshop Calendar for Post-Partner Organisations.

To find our if your service is an eligible post-Partnership service, please contact us via External Enquiries on 9231 3300.